I chose to call the book Transmission for a very simple reason. I want to convey information and feelings in a peaceable way ». Jean Touitou A.P.C. presents Transmission, a book that tells the story of the brand and its founder in three chapters. The clothes, objects, images, places, music, and events Jean Touitou remembers as significant from the last thirty years. The 544 page book was designed by Petronio associates and published with Phaidon Press Limited. 
Two T-shirts accompany the launch of the book. One of them simply features the title of the book, « Transmission », while the second one shows a picture that was taken in a photo booth in 1977. It shows Jean Touitou wearing a T-shirt from the American garage rock band “Kenny and the Kasuals”. At that time, Jean was selling their records through his mail order record shop “Road Runner”.