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A.P.C. The Leather


It is the raw material for the iconic A.P.C. Grace and Demi-Lune bags, available in a wide range of sizes and colors. It also makes the reputation of A.P.C. small leather goods and accessories, appreciated for their design and durability.

Leather has been a fundamental element of the A.P.C. collections for over 35 years and is also part of founder Jean Touitou’s family heritage, dating back to his childhood in Tunisia. His maternal grandfather, Salomon Isaac Lévy aka « Moumou » owned the « Tannerie franco-tunisienne » in Tunis, later joined by Jean’s father André « Dédé » Touitou, with whom he imported pre-tanned hides from France and Sweden. Between his childhood in leather bales and his experience at the head of A.P.C., it’s safe to saythat when it comes to leather, Jean Touitou knows a thing or two.

He was kind enough to share his knowledge in three short and entertaining videos, in which we learn, among other things, where the leather used for bags comes from, what vegetable tanning often used in A.P.C. collections is, and how a bag is created. 

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