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05 December 2023

The graphic Jessica Ogden A.P.C. Quilts Roud 24

For Round 24 of the A.P.C. quilts, Jessica Ogden was inspired by the paintings of artist Sean Scully. "After the complex concept of Series 23, his minimalist works spoke to me, with their sort of subtle, rhythmic breathing and unexpected colour choices," she says. The result is a series of quilts with a graphic design where colour upsets the regularity of simple geometric shapes.

The vertical motifs inspired Jean Touitou to give these original patchworks the first names of stars who, at some point in their careers, found themselves behind bars.

The pieces in Round 24 were photographed by Alfredo Piola in Barcelona, in an urban and graphic setting that echoes their geometric structure.

The Quilts project launched in 2010 thanks to Jessica Ogden and Jean Touitou's shared interest in patchwork, and a desire to use the stock of A.P.C. fabrics accumulated over the seasons. These unique quilts in a variety of patterns, sizes and colours reflect the history of the brand and its interactions with other designers.

Quilt 24 - 1
Quilt 24 - 7 Quilt 24 - 2
Quilt 24 - 9 Quilt 24 - 10
Quilt 24 - 6 Quilt 24 - 11
Quilt 24 - 8 Quilt 24 - 3