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A.P.C. Butler Program: Give your favorite jeans a new lease of life

18 April 2024

Because nothing beats the natural wear and tear of denim— in 2008, Jean Touitou developed the Butler program for A.P.C. customers worldwide, enabling them to give new life to their old jeans by returning them to a boutique. In exchange, they leave with new raw denim at half price.

More than just recycling, this program is about transmission: it’s not merely bringing back a worn pair of jeans. Each piece is carefully marked with the initials of its former owner, then washed, mended if necessary, and ironed before starting its life again as a Butler. These jeans, each with their unique patina, tell their own story, bearing the beautiful marks of their past lives.

To enter the exclusive circle of Butlers, jeans must meet certain criteria. They should be sufficiently worn but not damaged, having been properly cared for: dry-cleaned, hand-washed, or machine-washed cold, and, above all, never spin-dried.

If your A.P.C. indigo denim jeans have truly lived, take them to an A.P.C. boutique for a diagnosis. If they qualify for the Butler program, our teams will take care of them directly. In return, you'll be able to choose your new favorite jeans from the brand's permanent collection.

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