“After a certain time, you tell yourself that to put up with a world that is crumbling apart more and more and philosophical questionings that are more and more intense, there is only one solution: let loose, do ambitious and risky things; surpass the limits imposed by social and artistic conventions.

So, just like that, I wanted to make a little film with a lot of guitar feedback during a motorcycle ride. This ride recalls my youth in Paris. I felt this broad need to communicate with the people who follow my work at A.P.C. And also the precise need to do something stupid, with sound and fury.

Now is the time when we must amuse each other. Let’s face the facts: we have to find what makes us free sapiens different from everyone else. We all need to learn, to create, to laugh.

I can’t explain this feeling better than Camus, who, talking about his “homeland,” wrote: “I recognize its sons and my brothers by this friendly laugh that seizes me when I meet them.”

Factually, it’s almost my birthday and already the 35th anniversary of A.P.C.”
Jean Touitou