For its Fall/Winter 2023 show, A.P.C. teams up with high school seniors from the Lycée Diagonale in Paris. Lily, the daughter of Judith and Jean Touitou, attends this school, which offers adapted hours for top-level athletes and artists.

Cast on a volunteer basis, the 31 individuals embody the collection while showcasing their own personality. The idea is to be dressed in A.P.C., not dressed up in it. The same applies to the makeup and hairstyling with respect to each person’s originality. These models helped create the décor, inspired by California punk graffiti from the 1980s. They also took part in the discussions on the soundtrack, mixed live by DJ Myd, based on musical references suggested by Jean, Lily and her classmates. Finally, they play a role in the show by integrating it in their own creative processes through their preferred artistic tool.


Entitled “Maman Je Sors Ce soir” (“Mom, I’m Going Out Tonight”), the show blurs ideas of gender, eras, and proportions. The first group has fun subverting the preppy look, pairing a classic trench coat with Butler jeans and a rugby polo with oversized jeans as well as transforming a jeans and denim jacket combo into a suit.

The second group revisits the gothic style. These pieces play up the graphic power of black and raw denim, highlighting the simple yet perfect cut of a blouse or coat.

The last group turns to grunge, perfectly illustrating the happily clashing mix & match that youth can boldly get away with: a dress worn over pants, a mishmash of checks, prints and stripes, bomber jackets and sweatpants, a cardigan or an oversized coat. Anything goes.

This show can be considered as a metaphor of the transmission process started last year for the 35 years anniversary of A.P.C.

Women: Fall 2023

Men: Fall 2023