“I was visiting the West Coast last year (remember last year, taking planes, visiting friends?). I went to visit goop in their studio in Santa Monica and asked Gwyneth to ‘interact’ with us. After a conversation mostly based on news about friends we have in common, we talked about a small collection we could create together.” 
Jean Touitou 

Goop launched in the fall of 2008 out of Gwyneth Paltrow’s kitchen as a homespun weekly newsletter; GP wanted to share her unbiased travel recommendations, health-centric recipes, and shopping discoveries, and she also wanted to get her own questions—about health, fitness, and the psyche—answered. goop is now a lifestyle brand, helmed by GP as CEO, with its roots in content across six key pillars: Wellness, Travel, Food, Beauty, Style, and Work; within those pillars, goop curates and sells a tightly-edited array of products and also makes their own goods.

For this Interaction, goop focused on A.P.C. denim and how to make it extremely feminine. The result is five denim pieces, with different types of denim, as well as the striped Suzy T-shirt.

The campaign was shot in Paris by Pierre-Ange Carlotti.